Lavender Blues Studios - NOW OPEN!!


Lavender Blues & Babies Only

Lavender Blues Studios will host classes in our new studio space, our schedule is now up on our classes page. 

Story Time & Open Play

Lavender Blues Studios will be open to drop in and hang with your community, each session will include a story read by Lady B. Our schedule is TBA. 

Birthday Party Space

Lavender Blues Studios will be available to host private parties and events. Contact Lady B for more information. 


Do you have space to park my stroller?

We do not guarantee stroller parking/storage due to space constraints.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

As always, Lavender Blues will continue to be available to drop in. Memberships will be available as well class packs that allow you to come as you wish. 

Do you offer FREE trials?

We do not offer FREE trials as Lavender Blues is a drop in class you may always pay as you go. If you are unable to pay due to financial hardship Lavender Blues has a program for you. Contact Lady B for details.

Do I need to accompany my child during their visit?

Yes, children must me accompanied by a caregiver at all times during their visit. 

Will you still be in other locations?

Lavender Blues will continue to be in Bay Ridge & Brooklyn Heights in addition to our studio classes.

Does Lady B perform at Birthday Parties?

Yes, Lady B will come and host Lavender Blues at your birthday party. Contact Lady B for details.