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Thank You!! Lavender Blues is about to have a New Home!

After 7 years of hosting class in other businesses it is time for Lavender Blues to have a studio of her own! I've found the perfect place in Bedford-Stuyvesant and need your help to secure it! Please consider a donation, large or small, I appreciate it all. 

💜 Lady B

Our website has lots to it! Scroll all the way down to learn all about us. Check out our classes page for times, locations and to pre-register. Visit our video page, read our testimonials and more! 

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Lavender Blues & Babies Only!

Education through Music


Lavender Blues is an intimate music & movement session for babies and toddlers. During our 40 minute classes kids develop an understanding of rhythm and music, build awareness and control of their body as well as develop social and coordination skills---all while singing, dancing and having fun! 
We sit in a circle, sing songs, play instruments, have movement with our fingers, arms and feet, as well as march, dance, and play with a ginormous parachute!!

Lavender Blues


Our baby music class in Brooklyn is a program designed for Babies & Toddlers in Brooklyn to sing, play & learn together. Created by me, Lady B, to not just be something to sit & watch but something to do, together! Fun for Bunnies & grown ups alike! (3 months-3 years)

Babies Only!


A special 30 min infants only music class. A bit calmer and more intimate of a group for our youngest Bunnies! A wonderful introduction into Lavender Blues. A lovely bonding experience for baby and you! (0-12 months)


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King Bunny

from our debut Album "the REMIXES" by Lavender Blues


Sing & play at home with Lavender Blues TV

Lavender Blues TV- episode II

Our trailer for Lavender Blues TV episode II ~ COMING SOON to our YouTube channel!

Lavender Blues TV

You can HELP by donating TODAY!

LAVENDER BLUES TV is a live-action early education music and movement class created and hosted by Alex Branson (LADY B). Lavender Blues TV is a fresh, stimulating, and joyful experience that is poised to elevate early childhood education. Many of you have already enjoyed the Lavender Blues TV pilot  on YouTube. We are ready to film a second 45-minute episode and need your help! Your donation will allow us to pay for production costs (hiring a crew, renting a location, editing post-production, and distribution and marketing costs). Our goal is for every child to begin their education with LADY B & Lavender Blues! 

Music and movement are the foundational elements of the Lavender Blues  curriculum. Both are highly effective learning modalities for children ages 0-3. LADY B uses repetition to build muscle memory and to develop social skills, while simultaneously teaching her “bunnies” to identify objects, numbers, letters, and sounds. Week after week, LADY B delights as her bunnies grow in confidence and independence. 

The most important part of Lavender Blues is LADY B herself. Her ability to connect to the children is one-of-a-kind. She knows that children learn best when they feel loved, so she makes sure every child feels seen and valued (even through their computer screens). Her magic and joy are contagious—even for the parents and caregivers.

LADY B was recently profiled by the New York Times!
Do you want to see more? Take a look at our latest video for the 'I Love Me' song  for another dose of Lady B and her message of love and learning.

LADY B is ushering in a new era of early childhood education content. Will you help us bring LAVENDER BLUES TV to a world-wide audience? Your donation will help LADY B make her vision for early childhood education a reality. Every dollar helps, counts, and is most appreciated. 

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You can DONATE directly to our Venmo account LavenderBlues or Via our GoFund Me page to help us with our POST PRODUCTION costs.