About Lady B & Lavender Blues



My name is Alex & I've been educating and entertaining children as a nanny for over 10 years. Most of those years were abroad in London, England. Upon returning to the States in 2012,  I decided to take the skills and inspiration I gained from being a nanny and started a music and movement class for babies and toddlers called Lavender Blues. 


During my time as a nanny I was an avid participator in the mommy and me classes. I understood that music, movement and social activities are very important in a child's development especially in the infant stage. Therefore, I wanted to create a warm atomosphere where children and parents could enjoy a loving experience with other children, parents and nannys alike.


My philosophy is simple: LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH!!! Lavender Blues is about having fun, bonding with your child and bringing a positive, creative energy to brighten up your day!



"Miss Alex is the best! Music class is a family favorite and the way Miss Alex connects with each little one is super special. Yay Lavender Blues!"

-Sarah Rosenblum

"My family attends her Thursday 10am sing along class and it's absolutely amazing. Lavender Blues is very personable and patient with the children. Her class is exciting and fun filled and the kids love her for it. I love her for it. The class is highly energetic; she encourages the parents to get involved which is a plus for me. I highly recommend her class to anyone who's thinking about joining."

-Grover Reed III

"Our little guy LOVES Miss Alex. Loves this class. Such a wonderful time."

-Stephen Fontana

"My 17 month old and I love watching the YouTube videos. This is the only thing she watches. She laughs, dances, and claps after each video. We love the songs created by Lavender Blues... they are absolutely creative, catchy, and soulful. Can't wait to join live classes!" 

-Gabrielle Winkler Poonia

"Great experience for children and adults. Upbeat, interactive, and educational. Thank you. Hello. How do you feel today?"

-Jennifer Acheon

"My daughter and I are absolutely in love with Miss Alex's classes. She has endless amounts of energy and her songs are intelligence and fun. She is so caring with the kids and can handle the chaos so smoothly!"

-Renata Barradas Panchal


"Just back from Lavender Blues Sing Along and it was wonderful as always! This morning before we went my kids kept asking and asking for songs. She is so engaging with them and she's an asset to the community."

~Suzannah Cole Callaghan

"Miss Mama Rama Alex!
Thank you for debuting at AndNy's One Year Party!! It was such great fun and mostly in part due to you and your positive can-do energy, wonderful boundless creativity, bold and beautiful voice, both new and known tunes, and your gift for sharing movement and music with all these little bunnies and revealing each of their truly natural and inherent abilities for accessing these creative expressions within themselves and for empowering them to discover this wonderful form of fun and frolic in a safe and secure environment. Thank you!" 

-Brooke Minko

"Best class in NYC! Miss Alex (as Luca refers to her) is very hands on and FUN! She's patient and creative. Her songs are original and catchy… my son performs them throughout the week. The parachute is a novel and memorable touch. Keep up the great work! xo"

​~Jack Santacroce

"This is a great music class. The teacher is very charismatic and full of energy. She chooses great songs with hand motions. Sammy and Ayla have been singing her songs constantly."

​~Erin Dow

"We really look forward to our Saturday morning music class with Lavender Blues! My daughter adores her! It's the best way to kick off our weekends."

​~Rachel Mauck

"Lavender Blues is an exciting hands on musical experience for toddlers. My 16 month old had an amazing time playing interments,clapping her hands, and finding her own rhythm. All we can say is, Hey Alex, do your thang, do your thang, do your thang. Hey Alex, do your thang and never stop! Thanks for a great class and we'll see you on our next visit to Brooklyn."

~Jayme and Mya Keppler


"Best for Babies"

​~Red Tricycle

​"Tal vez sea uno de los momentos mas memorables de la semana para mi hija!" 

​~Juan Pablo Baene

"We absolutely love Lavender Blues and Miss Alex and Miss Alyssa they're energetic, patience, very involved with the kids, and happy all the time. The song are fun and even educational. I myself have lot of fun with sing and dancing along with them and the children."
-Silfide Torres

"Cleo and I love music class with Lady B!! We have been going since she was just a few months old and Cleo now knows all the songs and hand gestures. Lady B is wonderful and brings so much energy, happiness, and compassion to every class. It's our favorite class in Brooklyn!!"

-Sarah Schipul Swift

"I Take a 55 minute train ride to have my baby girl sing , dance and play with Alex and here bunnies. Great interaction, to help stimulate my little one to help her grow. Thanks to Alex for creating such a fantastic space for our babies, so worth it!"

-Stephanie Jean Sequeira Felipe

​Washington Heights Mom

"My 17 month old and I love watching the YouTube videos. This is the only thing she watches. She laughs, dances, and claps after each video. We love the songs created by Lavender Blues... they are absolutely creative, catchy, and soulful. Can't wait to join live classes!"

-Gabrielle Winkler Pooni